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Prices & Preferential Treatment System

A discount program is available for a limited period for Port Island (Phase II), Kobe Airport Island, and Kobe Techno Logistic Park (Kobe Compound Industrial Complex).




Discount program *Details and features of incentives that can be used differ according to nature of business.

Incentives Ratio of greening, Designated business, Amount of investment, Number of employees, Number of disabled employees, Introduction of environmentally friendly equipment, Establishment of on-site childcare facilities, Establishment of facilities for site tours, Acceptance of internships, Acceptance of Trial Week* students, Use of Kobe Port cargo facilities
*A work experience program run by Kobe city


Fixed-term lease system Period: 10–20 years
Key money: N/A
Deposit: 12 to 18 month’s rent depending on rental period

Science Park Prices

Preferential Measures

Supporting your business in Kobe

To be eligible for preferential measures, you must start your business by the deadline of the ordinance. (You may also be eligible for preferential measures offered by the city if your business plan is certified by the deadline of the municipal ordinance and you start your business within two years.)
If occupying an office, you must start your business within this period.

Preferential tax treatment


Financing System

Special Office Rental Assistance

Using the preferential treatment system allows you to rent a variety of office spaces economically.

Rental Assistance System for Overseas Corporations and Foreign-affiliated Firms

Zones Port Island Phase II + Northwest area of Port Island + Airport Island
HAT Kobe Commercial Zone
Sannomiya, Port Island Phase I, and Rokko Island Commercial Zone
Subsidy 50% of rent
Limit 1,500 yen per m2 per month up to 2 million yen per year
Period 3 years

Example: Out-of-pocket payments when renting an office
When using rental assistance for overseas corporations and foreign-affiliated firms (for overseas corporations and foreign-affiliated firms)

Rent 3,000 yen per m2 per month
Common service fees 1,000 yen per m2 per month
Total 4,000 yen per m2 per month
Out-of-pocket payment
(For 80 m2 office)
Without subsidy 320,000 yen per month = 11.52 million yen per 3 years
With subsidy 200,000 yen per month = 7.2 million yen per 3 years

*Rent and common services fees will vary according to building. Amounts indicated in the above example assume the maximum subsidy (minimum out-of-pocket cost for an 80 m2 office).

Kobe KIMEC Center Building (OM Kobe Co., Ltd.)

Kobe Incubation Office (Kobe Housing & Urban Development Corporation)

Project for Promoting Establishment of Offices in Central Kobe – Office Rental Assistance System

System Overview

Necessary conditions Details Remarks
Eligible applicants
Business operators to whom any of the following descriptions apply:
(1) A business operator who rents a new or refurbished high-use designated building*1 on low-use or unused land in the central city area.
(2) A business operator who makes exclusive, long-term use (10 years or more) of business facilities*2 of 1,500 m2 or more, excluding common areas of the building in question.
(3) A business operator who employs a certain number of regular employees appropriate to the occupied area (at least 100 employees)

*1 A building on a site in an applicable zone for which the total floor area is 90% or more of the specified floor area ratio.

*2 Refers to a business office, sales office, or laboratory, but excludes shops, accommodation facilities, and the like.
Applicable zones
Certain Priority Urban Redevelopment Areas (Areas around Sannomiya Station and coastal areas excluding areas in the harbor district) Does not apply to movement between/within applicable zones.
Applicable expenses, subsidy rate, etc.
(1) Subsidy rate shall be up to 25% of rent to a limit of 750 yen per m2 per month
(2) Monthly limit of 7.5 million yen (750 yen per m2 per month x 10,000 m2)
Subsidy period
Up to 5 years  
Other details
(1) Eligible high-use designated buildings must first be approved by the mayor before a construction contract can be signed.
(2) Companies who withdraw after continuously occupying the site for less than 10 years will be required to refund the subsidy.

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